How to Deal With a Toilet Clog

We generally take toilets for granted, not thinking much about the convenience of flushing away our waste. A blockage in the toilet drainage pipe can expose you to germs and put you at risk of sickness. A clog can also cause damage if the toilet overflows.  Here are some easy ways to deal with a clogged toilet.

plunger clog Check it out Is the clog organic waste or a foreign object (like a toy)? Determining which one is causing the problem will help you decide the best method for clearing it. The easiest way to asses is based on how the toilet fills up. Is it filling and draining slowly? If this is the case, the clog is likely organic. If your toilet is not draining at all, even after waiting several minutes, the clog is probably caused by a solid object blocking the flow. Use a plunger to clear the clog Plungers work by creating suction and pushing water in the bowl and drain. This force is usually enough to loosen and clear large pieces of organic waste meant for the sewage system. However, using a plunger to dislodge a foreign object might create more problems. If the object is loosened and pushed down, it could result in another blockage downstream. Clear the clog using a plumbing snake or auger Plumbing snakes and augers are long, flexible devices that can fit into the toilet drain. They can push the object further along or twist into the object so you can pull it out. If you do not own a drain snake or are unsure of the correct way to use one, call in a professional and they will clear the clog. clearing a clog If all else fails or if clogs become a reoccurring problem, give us a call or schedule service online. We offer a “$73 or It’s Freedrain clearing special. With this offer, our trusted technicians will attempt to clear your toilet or any other sections of your sanitary system causing drainage issues. If they’re unable to clear your toilet or drain, it’s free!

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