Is Your Toilet Constantly Having Problems? Here’s What The Experts Suggest You Should Do

Indoor plumbing is one of those daily luxuries that we can easily take for granted. Being able to go to the washroom when nature calls isn’t a universal experience. Many don’t have access to working toilets with full tanks and a place for the waste to go. When things go wrong, however, it’s another story. Dealing with toilet issues is best avoided and that starts with awareness of the risks and how to deal with them. Here are three common toilet problems and how to address them.

Problem: My Toilet Tank Is Leaking

What’s in the tank should stay in the tank until you flush. This is a near invisible leak that could cost you for weeks, months or years (hopefully not that long!). A leaky valve will waste water as the water trickles into the bowl. While there’s no external damage, a backup can cause the toilet to overflow, multiplying your problems. If you suspect a leak, place some food coloring into the tank. Leave it unused for a couple hours then check the bowl to see if there’s any color from the tank. If the water in your bowl is clear, then you’re in the clear. If not, you need to have the toilet repaired or replaced by Tiger.

Problem: The Flange on My Toilet Is Leaking

Here is where things get stinky. Your toilet is connected to the sanitary pipe via a flange and seal. If this becomes compromised, waste can leak into the space below the toilet when you flush, sometimes for an extended period before it’s discovered. It may not leak a whole lot and it may not leak after every flush, but you’ll notice smells and some moisture around the base of your toilet. There are multiple causes: corroded flange, poor installation, loose flooring to name a few.

Problem: My Toilet Keeps Backing Up

By far the most common issue is backups. You’ve probably already dealt with this issue on numerous occasions. If it’s a rare occurrence, ensure you have the tools on hand and know how to use them. Repeated toilet backups can be caused by a solid object flushed down the toilet, a damaged or blocked pipe, improperly sized piping, or toilet malfunction. Ensure that only waste and toilet paper are flushed (“flushable” wipes can back up a toilet so avoid flushing these), have old piping replaced and keep your sanitary system maintained overall.

If you need assistance with your toilet or want an expert opinion to prevent any future problems, trust the team at Tiger! Give us a call today at or schedule your next service online.


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