How much can Water Efficient Toilets Reduce your Home’s Water Consumption?

toiletDid you know that toilets consume more water than any other water-using appliance in your home? In fact, toilets account for nearly 30 percent of water consumption in the average home. So if you’re looking for a way to decrease your home’s water footprint and lower your utility bills, replacing your toilets with more efficient models is one of the best places to start. Today we’re going to talk about how to identify water efficient toilets and how much you can save by installing them in your home!

What are water efficient toilets?

The efficiency of toilets is measured in gallons per flush (gpf), which is the amount of gallons of water that are consumed when a toilet is flushed. By federal law, new toilets must have a minimum of 1.6 gpf. However, water efficient toilets have efficiency ratings that are even lower than this.

In order to qualify for the EPA’s WaterSense label, a toilet must have a gallons per flush rate of at least 1.28. In addition, water efficient toilets are available with gpf rates even lower than that!

How well do water efficient toilets perform?

Some people are reluctant to install water efficient toilets because they are concerned that they won’t flush as well as toilets that use more water. The truth, however, is that water efficient toilets perform just as well as lower-efficiency toilets. In fact, many water efficient toilets perform even better than lower-efficiency models!

When it comes to receiving the WaterSense label, toilets must pass strict performance tests in addition to their efficiency tests. That means that when you install a water efficient toilet with the WaterSense label, that toilet is guaranteed to consume less water than conventional toilets while also performing just as well (if not better).

How much water can you save by installing water efficient toilets?

Water efficient toilets with gpf rates of 1.28 are 20 percent more efficient than toilets that meet the federal gpf standard of 1.6. However, many homes have older toilets that have gpf rates that are even higher than 1.6.

The average home can reduce its water consumption from toilets by 20-60 percent by replacing less efficient toilets with higher efficiency models. This adds up to a savings of nearly 13,000 gallons of water per year, $110 in water bills per year and $2,200 in water bills over the lifetime of a toilet.

If you have any questions about water efficient toilets, or if you’d like a plumbing system serviced or installed in your home, contact Tiger Services, your Glen Carbon, IL, plumbing, heating and air conditioning contractor.

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