The Ultimate Plumbing Checklist

Sometimes the difference between keeping on top of maintenance and waiting for a disastrous failure is simply having a checklist to work with. Your plumbing system is made up of visible and hidden components that all work together to help keep your family clean and safe from germs.

Here is a list to help you keep on top of your plumbing so you are less likely to neglect this important system.

Faucets and fixtures

An easy place to start is with the visible components you interact with on a regular basis. Clean faucet and shower aerators, look for leaks at the base of handles, check shut-offs under sinks to ensure that they work. For your toilet, check the supply connection to make sure it closes properly. Inspect rubber components in your toilet tank for degradation and flush toilets not used very often to make sure they still work.

Supply piping

Most supply piping is hidden but that doesn’t prevent you from doing some inspections. For piping in crawl spaces and open areas of your basement, do inspections for leaks and signs of corrosion. Have a professional review pipe material if it has not been touched in a long time because you may need to change piping that contains lead or is near its end of life. Do not forget insulation: check for damage and add insulation if piping passes through unheated spaces like an attic or exterior wall. For piping to appliances like your washing machine, check the pipes, connections, and inspect hoses for breakage and leaks.

Sanitary system

Your sanitary system is another mostly hidden part of your plumbing system. Clear drains regularly, clean p-traps, monitor for slow drainage and listen for gurgling sounds (which may indicate sanitary or vent pipe blockages). In your yard, monitor for signs of tree root encroachment near buried piping and call in a professional to check your septic tank regularly if you have one.

Water heater and water softener

If you shudder at the thought of an ice bath, make sure you keep on top of your water heater performance. Monitor your hot water supply temperature and the water heater recovery time. Have a professional check your pressure relief valve and have your tank cleaned regularly so the buildup does not reduce heat transfer efficiency. If you have a water softener, ensure that you keep the salt levels up and have a professional regularly inspect it so you don’t find out the hard way that your pipes are caked with scale deposits.

If you need help with your plumbing maintenance, give us a call or schedule service online. Our trusted technicians can help you keep on top of your system so you have peace of mind.

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