Your Home’s Dream HVAC System

When you imagined your perfect home, did you imagine being uncomfortable every time the season changed? Probably not. You may or may not be living in your dream house right now but your family would benefit from your home’s dream HVAC system. Warm in winter, cool in summer, fresh air year-round.

So how do you get that ideal system? Here are the components of a dream HVAC system.

An efficient heat source

Your home’s heat source needs to be efficient and reliable, whether it is a furnace or boiler, natural gas or electric. Your climate and home might be ideal for geothermal while someone else’s home may benefit from natural gas heating. The best system for your circumstances will depend on multiple factors but seek the most efficient and robust system for your family and your home will be a warm oasis in the winter desert.

Robust cooling system

Sweating through a heatwave is not something you might be thinking about when the weather is cool but now is the time to talk to a professional about the cooling options available to your family. Your cooling system must be able to handle the hottest days as well as function efficiently at part load on milder summer days. A high-efficiency cooling system will both keep you at the right temperature and save you money with lower energy bills.

The perfect thermostat

Nothing in your HVAC system would function without the right thermostat. There are three main options for thermostats: non-programmable, programmable and smart. As the world moves further down the path of the internet of things and smart technology, the smart thermostat may benefit you in ways the regular thermostats do not.

hvac system

The right distribution

Having the perfect heating or cooling source is only part of the puzzle. This heating and cooling needs to be distributed throughout your home. To do this, the ductwork or piping needs to be sized correctly for the worst case but must also be able to handle lower loads and still provide the comfort you need throughout your house. Grilles or radiators also need to be located in the right places to give you the heating and cooling control that you need.

Ventilation ventilation ventilation

Make sure your home’s ventilation does not get neglected. Fresh air is critical for your family’s health as well as the overall air quality in your home, affecting humidity, carbon dioxide levels and the risk of toxic gas buildup. Make ventilation a high priority for your home’s ideal HVAC system.

If you need help getting your dream HVAC system for your home, give us a call or schedule service online.

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