5 Warning Signs of Faulty Wiring in Your Home

A majority of fires are caused by malfunctions in the wiring of a home. The good news is that if you understand the warning signs, you can prevent a potential disaster.

Here are five warning signs that you should have your wiring examined right away.

1. Flickering Lights

If you turn on an appliance, like your dishwasher or microwave, do you consistently notice any of the lights in your home begin to flicker or steadily dim? When those appliances turn off, do you see the lights brighten? This fluctuation may mean there is a problem with the wiring of your lights, but it most likely means your major appliances are drawing too much power from the circuits to which they are attached.

Have a professional inspect your panel and wiring to avoid further complications.

2. Funny Smells

Do you notice consistent burning smells that seem to be coming from outlets or fixtures? This is a sure sign that the wiring of your home needs to be inspected. If you smell strange burning smells and struggle to identify the source, it might be due to faulty wiring which is a fire hazard.

burnt outlet due to faulty wiring

3. Hot to the Touch

While certain appliances will naturally put off heat, wall outlets and light switches should not be hot to the touch. While they may be slightly warm due to electrical current, they should never be uncomfortable to touch. Hot outlets or switches are a sure sign that something is seriously wrong, especially if you notice scorch marks around the plug.

Turn off the switch or unplug any appliances connected to the hot outlet, and call in an electrician to check for faulty wiring.

4. Buzzing

Old appliances can make buzzing noises. This normally means they are working hard or their life is coming to its end. If you start hearing buzzing noises from your outlets or light bulbs, however, this can point to more serious problems with your home’s wiring.

5. Tripping Breaker

You may notice that you trip the breaker in your house whenever you use certain outlets or turn on specific appliances. If you notice a tripping breaker with a low-level use of power, this likely means there is a wiring problem that needs to get dealt with.

Electrical problems, especially those that are the result of faulty wiring, are serious fire hazards. Call us or schedule service online and our electricians will address and correct any issues you may have.

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