Consequences of Neglecting HVAC Maintenance

Neglecting your HVAC system can spell disaster, especially during the hot summer months. As the temperature starts to heat up, it is important to make sure your home’s cooling & ventilation systems are up to par.

Here are some issues you can encounter if you neglect your home’s HVAC system.

Temperatures too high or too low

As your equipment’s performance drops, you might find yourself shivering in the winter and sweating during the summer, even with everything on full blast. By keeping up with preventative maintenance, you can decrease the chance of this problem occurring.

Poor indoor air quality

A neglected HVAC system will circulate dusty air from a dirty filter and ductwork, leave allergens in your home, introduce new allergens, and decrease your overall air quality. A ventilation system that is not maintained will not remove stale air or give you the fresh air your family needs. Stay on top of your filter replacement, duct cleaning, and exhaust fan maintenance to help prevent this issue.


Cold and hot spots

A neglected HVAC system might not completely fail right away, however, it can leave parts of your home with cold or hot spots. A dusty fan will not distribute the volume of air it is supposed to, and a dirty filter will block and slow down airflow. Low refrigerant levels in your AC unit can result in inadequate cooling throughout your home.

High energy consumption

This one hits the pockets directly. If your home’s system is not functioning correctly, you use more energy for the heating and cooling you need. While your furnace and AC are running, you might not pay attention as long as you are comfortable, – until your monthly bill arrives.

Complete failure due to lack of maintenance

The longer you neglect your home’s HVAC system, the more likely you are to experience complete failure. Without regular maintenance, you will not even be aware of the components of your system that might need attention. It is best to have a professional inspect your HVAC equipment twice per year, once in the fall and again in the spring.


Our technicians are here to help you take care of your HVAC system with seasonal maintenance that can prevent unexpected breakdowns. Even if you have neglected your HVAC system until now, give us a call or schedule service online and we can get you back on track.


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