5 Signs of Faulty Wiring

Did you know a large majority of residential fires are caused by malfunctions in the home’s wiring? Ignoring the early warning signs of faulty wiring can cost you.

Here are five signs it’s time to call in an electrician to examine your home’s wiring.

Funny Smells

If you smell burnt plastic or other burning smells in your home and struggle to identify the source, it may be your wiring. These burning smells, especially near outlets and fixtures, are a sure sign you should have an inspection done on your wiring.

Flickering Lights

When you turn on your dishwasher or microwave, do you notice any of the lights in your house begin to flicker or steadily dim? When those appliances turn off, do you see the lights brighten or stop flickering? These fluctuations may mean there is a problem with the wiring of your lights, but it most likely means your major appliances are drawing too much power from the circuits to which they are attached.

For this problem, a professional needs to examine your circuits and inspect your home’s electrical panel to avoid further complications.


Old appliances can make buzzing noises. Often this means they are working hard or they have reached the end of their lifespan. If you start hearing buzzing noises from your outlets, however, or from your light bulbs as you switch them on, this is a more severe problem.

Pay close attention to your house when all is supposed to be quiet. If you are concerned about mysterious buzzing or humming sounds, be sure to inspect your home’s power outlets.

Hot Switches and Outlets

While some appliances naturally put off heat, wall outlets and light switches should never be hot to the touch. Hot outlets and switches are a sure sign something is wrong with the wiring of your home, especially if you notice scorch marks around the plug.

If you notice hot outlets or switches in your home, discontinue their use immediately and call in a professional to come take a look at your home’s wiring.

Tripping Breaker

Sometimes, tripped breakers are caused by large or high-level appliances overpowering a single circuit. However, if you have recurring tripped breakers with low-level power use, there is likely a wiring problem that needs to be addressed.

In either situation, too much power is flowing somewhere which is a serious fire hazard.


Do not wait to address wiring problems in your home. At Tiger, we offer a $49 electrical safety inspection which includes a comprehensive report on our trained and certified electrician’s findings at no extra cost to you. Give us a call or schedule service online.


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