Electrical Tips for When Trouble Strikes

Have you ever turned on your coffeemaker in the morning, only to press the button and not see any coffee being brewed? Or maybe you plug in your phone and it never fully charges. Your home’s electrical system is something you do not pay much attention to until something is not working correctly.

Use this simple list to help you troubleshoot any electrical issues you face in your home.

Check Other Areas of Your Home

First, see if there is power anywhere else in the house. It could be that there’s a power outage affecting your home or the whole block.

Inspect Appliance or Device

If there is power elsewhere, make sure there is nothing wrong with the appliance or gadget that you’re trying to plug in! You might think there is something wrong with your home’s power when in fact your coffee machine has just decided to stop working or your phone cord has actually broken.

Check Other Outlets

If there is nothing wrong with the device then the problem may be associated with that receptacle and/or any other powered items sharing the same electrical line. For example, maybe there are too many appliances plugged in and turned on to that one line. Unplug other items that share the same circuit and see if the problem is resolved.

overloaded outlet electrical issue

Check for Tripped Breakers

Next, head to your electrical panel (sometimes people call it a “fuse box” or “circuit panel”) and look for any breaker that has been tripped. Reset it to restore power to that line. (Your circuit panel is made up of circuit breakers that will temporarily “break” the line when something is wrong.)

Call in an Expert

If you have followed this checklist and power is still not restored, you may consider calling an electrical expert to help you. Do not attempt to investigate further or do your own electrical repairs. Electrical current is dangerous and can even be deadly. Leave it to a qualified electrician.


If you have any electrical issues in your home, our trusted electricians are here to help. Give us a call or schedule service online and our experts will diagnose the issue and provide solutions to resolve it.


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