Ways Your HVAC System Can Keep the Flu Away

As if winter itself wasn’t miserable enough, it’s also cold and flu season. You can reduce your chances of getting sick through frequent hand washing, proper diet, exercise and lots of rest. Controlling your indoor environment with a reliable HVAC system also plays an important role in reducing your chances of falling ill this flu season.

Here are some ways your HVAC system can help keep your home’s conditions just right and reduce your chances of getting sick.

It keeps your air fresh

In the winter, you don’t need to walk outside and freeze in order to get fresh air. The right ventilation system will bring in clean, breathable air that’s tempered just right. And with energy recovery, you don’t have to worry about excessive energy bills.

It keeps you warm

Avoiding prolonged exposure to cold weather keeps your body’s immune system functioning. By staying warm, you can stay strong and healthy all flu season long.

It removes excess moisture

Excess moisture levels create a breeding ground for germs. A properly maintained HVAC system can lower these moisture levels, limiting the conditions in which pathogens thrive. Having exhausts in your bathrooms and kitchen helps to remove moist air that can build up and cause problems associated with high humidity. Not only will you reduce your chance of getting the cold and flu, but you won’t have other microbes making you sick or worsening your symptoms.

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It adds moisture where needed

If, on the other hand, your problem is air that’s too dry, a humidifier connected to your HVAC system can solve that problem. By maintaining the right humidity, you won’t have to worry about a dry nose making you susceptible to the cold and flu.

It filters out the germs

As long as you maintain your furnace and replace the filter regularly, your home’s air will have less dust and with the right filter, fewer germs. Cleaner air means less severe symptoms and a quicker recovery if you do catch a bug. Regularly maintaining your furnace can also reduce your chances of getting sick in the first place!

It keeps you comfortable

Finally, the most important function of your HVAC system: keeping you comfortable. In addition to keeping conditions right for your body, a comfortable indoor temperature also lowers stress so your immune system can work. Exposing your body to uncomfortable conditions in general will reduce your ability to deal with the germs that you will inevitably encounter.

If you want to reduce your risk of getting sick, give us a call or schedule service online and take the steps to maintain the air quality in your home. At Tiger, our trusted technicians can help maintain or upgrade your home’s HVAC system and keep you healthy this cold and flu season.


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