DIY Holiday Drain Tips!

We just wanted to say thank you for choosing us in the past, and wanted to make sure your drains were still clear.


Thanksgiving is this Thursday and all of that extra traffic in your kitchen and bathroom puts a lot of stress on your pipes. So much stress in fact, that the day after Thanksgiving is the busiest day of the year for plumbers.


You’d probably like to avoid a major plumbing disaster this Thanksgiving, so here are some tips so you don’t have to call us this holiday weekend:


Garbage Disposal 101:

DO NOT put any of the following items down your disposal:

– potato peels – celery – lettuce – corn husks – carrots – onion skins – (These items tend to wrap around the disposal blades)


– pasta – beans – potatoes – rice – (These absorb water & turn into a paste-like substance in your drain, which can cause a clog)


– bones (turkey or otherwise) – large seed pits – fatty or greasy foods – coffee grounds – seeds – (Also, when using the garbage disposal it is important not to overload it with too much food at one time.)


Invest in a shower drain hair catcher

If you are having overnight guests this Thanksgiving, having a drain hair catcher for the shower will be handy, if you want to help prevent clogs.


Monitor Your Bathroom

Don’t allow guests to flush any of the following items down the toilet:

– cotton balls – disposable wipes (which are horrible for your plumbing)

– paper towels – cigarette butts – Band-Aids – dental floss – diapers
-Basically, anything that’s not toilet paper, shouldn’t be flushed.


Our plumbing experts, along with our heating experts, & electricians will be on call for any emergencies this Thanksgiving & all weekend.

Just call us or feel free to schedule online at if the worst should happen this holiday!


Happy Thanksgiving from everyone at

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