How to Save Money on Your Outdoor Water Usage

Things are heating up and you’re likely using more water outdoors, desperately trying to keep your garden alive and on outdoor water activities to stay cool. All of this extra water usage has you’re monthly water bill on the rise, which is extremely frustrating. Just think of all of the things that you could be spending that water money on. Like a fun date night or putting it towards your family vacation or a big purchase you’ve been saving up for.

Well, not to worry. There are some easy steps you can take to cut back on your outdoowater sprinklerr water usage this summer, and help save money on your monthly water bill.

1. Let the rain do your work, for you.

There certainly hasn’t been a lack of rain fall lately, and with more rain in the forecast, you might as well put all of that fallen water to work for you. Try collecting as much rain water as you can. Large barrels and clean-ish trash cans are great for collecting rain water. Since it probably won’t rain every day. You’ll still need to water your gardens/ lawn, to keep them alive during the extremely hot days, yet to come.

By having a stock pile of rain water, you can avoid using your garden hose, as much, this summer. Saving you big bucks on your water bill each month, by feeding your plants that free rain water.

2. Invest in some quality mulch.

Mulching your garden is another great way to conserve on your outdoor water usage. Mulch is a natural way to hold moisture in your plants and it will help keep them from drying out. Which means, your plants will require less water throughout the summer months.

3. When you do have to water, do it in the evening.

At some point this summer, you will need to water your garden to keep it thriving. The key is to water at the most optimal times, so you can get the most value for your money. Try watering your plants later in the evening or after dark.

Waiting until these later hours will help prevent the moisture from evaporating as quickly. Additionally, watering during the day can cause some serious damage to plants and most of the water won’t even make it to the roots, before it to dries up.

4. Try to curb the water play.

Lethose nozzle‘s face it, the best part of summer for most kids (and some adults) is playing outside in the water. Swimming pools, water balloons and sprinklers are some of the best benefits of all of this unbearable heat.

The good news is that, you and your family can still enjoy the waterworks, without sending your monthly bill through the roof. Try only filling kiddie pools halfway, instead of to the brim, most of that water will just splash out anyway. If you’re using sprinklers, try running the hose on a lower setting versus having it going at full blast.

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