Common Issues Leading To A/C Repair & How To Prevent Them

Air conditioning repair is an inevitable part of home ownership. There are connection breakdowns, fluid leaks, and function disparities that occur throughout the life of an air conditioning unit.

AC SystemOf all of your home appliances, it is particularly uncomfortable when your cooling and ventilation system is no longer performing as it should. Although most homeowners rarely ever check on the components of their air conditioning system until there is a pressing issue, annual maintenance is critical to the proper functioning of the unit. We all expect it to work when we need it to, and that’s during the hot months of the year. Annual maintenance proactiveness will lead to a good night’s rest and comfortable weekends, because we all know that appliance issues occur when we’re relaxing at home, never when we’re away. Hopefully you won’t ever have to experience your air conditioning system going out on you, but if you’re reading this, you may have. It is a mechanical system and all mechanisms not only require maintenance throughout their life of use but they also require regular service and tune-ups.

Frankly, air conditioning repair is just a part of owning one. After a long winter of not being used or checked, it can surprise you with odd sounds, temperature disparities, or mechanical or starting malfunctions. Perhaps critters or leaves became stuck inside over the winter. The weight of snow or driving winds of winter may have caused the fins or fan to warp. There are too many ways to count that your air conditioning unit could begin to malfunction or not even start.

Regardless of the hundreds of reasons that you may need air conditioning repairs, an inspection usually turns up a few common unit issues. The most prevalent concern is a frozen coil brought on by low refrigerant due to a leak, or dirty filters. A few other concerns are the outside unit’s general function, such as the power source, voltage distribution center, thermostat, or fan malfunctioning, which could lead to overheating: whether from rare use or around the clock use.

Lastly, low refrigerant and wiring issues can impact the entire system as well. The refrigerant is responsible for cooling the air that the unit pulls from outdoors so if there is a leak along the route of its process, it can definitely bring about air conditioning inadequacies. Air conditioning systems shouldn’t leak refrigerant, so if you find yourself needing a “charge” every year, there is definitely something more serious going on. Defective or damaged wiring cannot only cause malfunctions because of the lack of sufficient power, it is also a fire hazard. In the end, regular unit inspection from the inside coil to the outside unit is critical to not only your cooling system’s use, but to prevent further damage, and to avoid air conditioning repair any time in the near future.

If you feel that your air conditioner is not performing as well as it should be, or would like to have it inspected by a certified local professional, schedule an appointment online or give Tiger Heating & Air Conditioning Services a call today at 1-866-TIGER70.


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