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East St Louis, IL

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Having a company that you can trust for all of your heating, cooling, and plumbing services in East St. Louis, Illinois, is beneficial. With a reliable team to help you with all of your home’s needs, you’ll be comfortable and safe no matter the season.

Our team of technicians at Tiger Services, LLC, provides holistic services so you can rest assured everything is working properly. Whether you need to install a new cooling system or you need help with your pipes, reach out to us.

We’ll Protect Your Plumbing System

Everyone has dealt with plumbing issues at least once in their lifetime. Whether you have endured the annoyance of a clogged drain or an overflowing toilet, some problems are too complex to handle alone.

That’s why our residential and commercial plumbing professionals in East St. Louis can help you with any task. From remodeling projects to replacing fixtures, we’ve got your back.

Our plumbing services include:

Stay Warm During the Winter Season

Our East St. Louis-based heating technicians will keep your furnace operational when the temperature drops. We provide comprehensive installation, repair, and maintenance services. Trust that we will keep your home comfortable and safe during winter.

Our heating services include:

Cool & Comfortable AC Services

Do you need to replace your cooling system? Our air conditioner installers will help you find a new system, remove your current unit, and carefully replace it. Additionally, our team will maintain the system so it won’t break down earlier than anticipated.

Our air conditioning services include:

Ensure a Safe Electrical System

From rewiring your home to installing a backup generator, our electrical experts in East St. Louis will keep your electrical system safe and operational. If you attempt to do these jobs yourself, you risk injury to yourself or harm to your electrical equipment. Trust that we will protect your system, no matter how complicated the task may be.

Our electrical services include:

Additionally, we at Tiger Services, LLC, offer 24/7 emergency services. Don’t hesitate to contact us at (618) 344-1118. Reach out to us today for holistic solutions to your heating, AC, electrical, and plumbing issues in East St. Louis.


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