Tips for Preventing Sewage Leaks

A sewage leak into your house or onto your property is one of the worst plumbing disasters you could face as a homeowner. Besides the damage to your home, the bacteria present in sewage can make you and your family sick. There are two ways you can experience sewage leakage – backups and pipe breakage. While terrible, both are preventable.

Here are some tips for minimizing the risk of sewage leaks in your home.

Be careful what you put down the drain

The same precaution you take to ensure each sink and fixture does not back up is the same precaution that protects your entire system. Even if food or other unwanted items clear your drain, they can end up accumulating further downstream, resulting in a potential backup from multiple fixtures.

Call before you dig

The most preventable sources of damages are the ones you cause yourself.  Be sure to call a professional to mark where your sewer pipe is prior to starting any work. Even if you have to pay a small fee, the protection to your home is worth it.

Ensure your trees are far away from sewage pipes

Tree roots that are too close to sewer piping can encroach and break the pipe, causing both a backup and leakage. If you find that most of your home’s fixtures are draining slower than normal, have a professional investigate the possibility of tree root encroachment and pipe damage. You may need to remove or relocate a tree before it makes the problem worse. Rerouting your pipe might be another option to investigate, so discuss with a professional.

root growth can cause sewage leaks

Install a backwater valve

The function of a backwater valve is to stop sewage from entering your home if the city line becomes overwhelmed for any reason. Talk to a plumber to find out if you are permitted to have one, as some municipalities do not allow these valves to be installed on your home’s sanitary line. If permitted, consider adding this as extra protection against backups.

Protect existing piping

Spring is here which means more frequent rain showers. Rainfall can pose a serious threat to your home’s sewer line. If soil conditions are poor, rainfall can cause movement which can damage your sewage pipe. Talk to a professional about how to ensure that your sewer line remains protected no matter the weather.


If you have concerns about your home’s sanitary system or think you might be at risk for a sewage backup, give us a call or schedule service online and we can provide you with options to help prevent these disasters.


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