Prep Your HVAC System for More Time Indoors

As if you weren’t spending enough time at home, winter is coming. That means more time indoors.

So how do you stay healthy with less time outdoors? The answer is simple: make sure your indoor air conditions are just right. Here are five ways to do it.

Tune-up your furnace 

Keeping your indoor temperature warm enough throughout your house means tuning up your furnace. Even if you are not left out in the cold with a catastrophic failure, your furnace can chug along underperforming for weeks and months. Make it a priority to get your furnace working right before the temperature drops.

Clean ductwork 

Clear out dust, pet dander and other allergens to keep your air flowing clean throughout your house. Particles can accumulate in your ductwork and before you know it, you are dealing with persistent allergies and sniffles. Have a professional clean your ductwork so your extra time indoors does not affect your breathing.

Indoor HVAC ductwork

Boost ventilation 

Regardless of how clean your ductwork is, you still need fresh outdoor air inside your home. Reduce the buildup of carbon dioxide and moist air with exhaust fans. Bring in outdoor air with an energy recovery ventilator and improve your home’s indoor air quality. If you are not able to spend much time outdoors, bring the outside air in.

Control humidity 

Winter is known for low humidity indoors that can cause “winter skin” with its painful cracking and flaking dryness. Just imagine what is happening inside your nose, throat and lungs. Dry mucous membranes reduce your ability to fight illness. Boost your health with a humidifier as you start to spend more time inside your house.

Filter your air 

Remove dust and other particles from your home’s air system with the right filter in your furnace. A supplemental air purifier would improve the air you breathe even more. For all the time you spend in your home during colder months, keep your air clean so your health doesn’t suffer.


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