Preventing Summer Pipe Bursts

Everyone is aware that pipes can burst during the winter due to freezing temperatures, but did you know they are also at risk in the summer?  Burst pipes can cause headaches no matter the season. Here are some common problems that can put you at risk for summer pipe bursts.

Age of pipes

Plastic piping breaks down slowly, while metal pipes corrode over time. As pipes age, they lose their ability to withstand the usual pressures they are exposed to on a daily basis. Replacing old pipes in your home will prevent failures due to aging.

Corrosion and erosion

Corrosion over time causes weak spots in pipes. These spots are areas where the pipes are unable to withstand water pressure and are more likely to fail. Have your pipes inspected regularly to catch any spots where corrosion could be a problem. Replacing damaged pipes before it is too late reduces your risk of bursts.

Hot or dry weather causes movement in the soil that can lead to broken pipes. While this is primarily a problem for large water mains, the pipes leading to your home can also experience damage due to shifting soil. If you are concerned about this, have a professional check outdoor piping and reinforce it if needed to reduce the risk of pipe bursts.

Burst Pipe

Increased pressure

Water with a high mineral content (known as hard water) can create buildup inside pipes over time. This buildup reduces flow and causes pressure to build up. If this pressure exceeds a certain threshold, it can cause the pipe to burst. If you live in an area with hard water, consider installing a water softener. This will help remove excess minerals from the water and keep pipes from clogging and bursting.

Poor installation 

Incorrectly installed piping can result in areas of high stress where failures are more likely to occur. Problems like poor soldering, improper insulation, and unsupported piping can cause bursts. If you have doubts about the installation of your home’s piping, our technicians are here to correct any issues and put your mind at ease.


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