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Over time showers and tubs can deteriorate. Besides these cracks, chips and nicks being an eyesore, this deterioration can create even more problems including mold, mildew and hidden leaks. If you’re experiencing any of these problems with your tub or shower, it might be time to consider a liner or a bath remodel.

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Shower and Tub Lining

If you’re not ready to replace your tub or shower, liners are a less expensive option.  Tub and shower liners are a solid piece of acrylic or plastic which a professional installs over your existing unit. Below are some of the main benefits of tub and shower lining.

Shower and Tub Lining is Fast

One of the main benefits of shower and tub lining over a traditional bath remodel is that little demolition is required and installation is fast. At Tiger, we offer a free consultation with same day arrival for a tub or shower lining service. With shower and tub lining, you can update the entire look of your bathroom in far less time than with a traditional remodel! Usually, liners can be installed in a single day. Also, with over 85 color, texture, design, and pattern combinations available, you can be sure your new tub or shower liner fits with your personal style.

Shower and Tub Liners are Durable

Most shower and tub liners are a mixture of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) and Acrylic. ABS is used to make football helmets. With this durable material, your new shower or tub won’t chip, warp, distort, bubble, fade or discolor! Tub and shower liners made with ABS and acrylic also contain an antimicrobial protection layer which shields your new shower or tub from mold and mildew.

Bath Remodel Service

Bath Remodel

Sometimes a tub or shower will require more than just a liner. For example, slipping and falling while trying to get into a tub or shower is not only dangerous, but can end up costing you more what it would cost for a bath remodel. Simple bathroom accessibility remodels, like converting a tub to a shower, can help keep you or your loved ones independent. At Tiger, you can trust our experts to help you choose the right shower or tub to fit your needs.

Our expert technicians are ready to help you make your dream bathtub or shower a reality!  Give us a call or schedule service online to take advantage of our wide variety of bath remodel services.

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