When To Avoid Plumbing DIY


When problems arise in your home, sometimes it’s best to fix them yourself. Besides saving money on labor, you learn practical skills and save time that you might spend waiting on help.

Other times, however, plumbing DIY can do more harm than good: to yourself and your home. When it comes to plumbing, unless you’re a trained plumber with the right tools, certain situations require a professional.

Here are some of those situations.

Stubborn Toilet Clog

If you’re faced with a backup that just won’t clear no matter how much you plunge, the problem might be more than you can handle. The toilet may need to be removed to address a blockage further down the pipe within your plumbing system. This is best left to a trained professional.

Burst Pipe

If you can shut off your supply and replace a section of burst pipe yourself, it might be tempting to do so. But sealing to prevent leaks and understanding the overall plumbing system is best left to professional plumbers. A burst pipe might be only a portion of your problem and you need a professional to ensure other parts of your piping aren’t at risk.


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Poor Overall Drainage

Drainage systems are like a river. Small pipes in your plumbing system connect to larger and larger pipes until they meet the city main. Poor drainage in more than one drain points to problems in one of these larger pipes that only a professional can help you with.

Inadequate or Failing Water Heater

Water heater problems often start with poor performance that worsens over time. If you wait too long to have a professional look at this, you risk carbon monoxide poisoning, electrical shock, or fire. Tweaking the settings on your water heater only goes so far before you need a skilled plumber to help solve this problem.

Hidden Leaks

Sources of hidden leaks are tough to find even if you see evidence of water damage. Sometimes the source is further away and needs a trained eye to discover. Entrust this problem to an experienced plumber to locate the leak in your plumbing system and keep your home safe from a major water disaster.


Plumbing Additions and Renovations

Anything you add to your home’s plumbing system will affect everything that’s already there. Before making modifications, even if they seem simple, call in a plumber to help you so you don’t end up with larger issues later on. You might think you’re saving money by doing it yourself, but a small mistake could prove costly in the long run.

Do you have questions about ongoing plumbing issues, or have plans for improvement or renovation? Give us a call or schedule service online and our experienced plumbers will help keep you and your plumbing system out of hot water.


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