6 Benefits of Low Flow Fixtures

Water conservation is an increasingly critical issue as we consume more and more of our freshwater supplies. The key is to use less water without sacrificing daily activities. Low flow fixtures like shower heads, toilets and faucets allow for regular use with less consumption.

Regular toilets use 1.6 gallons per flush while high efficiency models use 1.28 gallons per flush. Low flow faucets use 30% less than regular flow faucets, from 2.2 gallons per minute (gpm) down to 1.6 gpm.

Here are the benefits of choosing low flow fixtures for your home if you’re renovating or need to do replacements.

Less consumption and lower bill
Low flow faucets use technology like aerators to limit flow by mixing air into the water stream. Toilets use gravity or pressure assistance to achieve similar results. Reducing your water use then saves you money with a reduced bill. You’ll also save on your energy bill because you’ll use less hot water.

Modern low flow fixtures come in multiple styles to suit your taste and design needs for your home. Even if you want an older look, manufacturers provide a wide range of options so you’re not limited to one style of fixture.

Environmental benefits
We share many fresh water sources like rivers and lakes with ecosystems that rely on that same water. Moving towards low flow fixtures allows us to conserve water for the flora and fauna to thrive in these areas.

Water security
Some parts of the world are already experiencing the threat of water shortage. As consumption increases, the risk of being unable to access clean, safe drinking water increases with it. Switching to low flow fixtures will allow for sustainable, long term availability of this vital resource.

Less waste water
Most of the water we use will eventually end up down the drain. This water has to be treated and returned to rivers, lakes and the sea. This treatment consumes energy and has limited capacity. Less consumption means less waste to be treated.

Less water softening or filtration

If you live in an area with hard water that requires a water softener or any other consumable filtration system, you will know that the more water you use, the more salt you need for softening. For whole house filtration, you will change filters more frequently. Switching to low flow fixtures allows you to use less of this while saving on the water itself.

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