Extreme Summer Heat 101: How to Stay Safe and Cool

The extreme summer heat that we have been experiencing lately can be as dangerous as it is uncomfortable. Since the heat will be with us for the foreseeable future, here are some helpful tips to help keep you and your family safe and cool, until the temperatures cool down. 

1. Stay hydrated

I’m subottles-774466_640re you’ve heard how important it is to stay hydrated during the summer, but this point can’t be stressed enough. Being well hydrated is your best defense when a heat advisory is issued.

Keep a bottle of water on you at all times. Even if you’re not spending a lot of time outside or exposed to the summer sun much. You can be surprised how much the heat can affect you, even when you’re simply walking from your car to your home, work, school, grocery store, etc.

Drink water throughout the day, even if you don’t feel thirsty. You’ll notice a real difference in your energy level and mood if you force yourself to stay hydrated.

2. Ditch the soda

Drinks like soda and alcohol will NOT help you hydrate. These liquids can have the opposite effect and can cause dehydration.

So, when a heat advisory goes into effect, put down that can and grab some water!

3. Take a cold shower

By taking cold showers, you’ll improve your blood circulation, and free up more oxygen for the rest of your body. Which can prevent your blood pressure from getting too high.shower-653671_640

Additionally, cold showers will not only cool down your core body temperature, but they can improve your mood. You’ll be surprised the boost of energy you’ll get after a cold shower and how great you’ll feel.

When the weather heats up outside, try taking at least two cold showers a day (if you have time for more, by all means, take more). You’ll love how great you feel after each shower.

4. Eat your veggies

Overly processed and heavy foods will aid the summer heat with its attack on your health. Try subbing in fresh fruits and vegetables when it heats up.

Fruits and veggies are not only lighter and won’t “weigh” you down in the summer like processed foods, but they’re also packed full of healthy vitamins and nutrients you need. Plus, they contain water, which as discussed before, you need a lot of.

Fill up on watermelowatermelon-846357_640ns, cucumbers, berries, squash, tomatoes, etc. and witness how much better you’ll feel.

5. Some other quick tips

Don’t over do your workout, you may think the summer heat is aiding your weight loss, but if you over do it, you can do some serious damage to your body. Which might mean you’ll have to take an extended break from the gym, in order to recover.

Wear light, breathable fabrics. Cotton is a good choice.

Avoid a lot of time in the sun. I know it’s summer and you want to enjoy the great outdoors, just do so carefully!

If you do go outdoors, remember the sunscreen and try to incorporate water activities as much as possible!heat

Enjoy the rest of your summer and remember to stay safe!

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