Why is My Furnace Loud? 6 Possible Explanations

man plugging ears, too loudYou’re probably familiar with the sound of your furnace kicking on and air blowing out of your home’s registers. But when you start to hear banging, whistling, rumbling or clattering every time your furnace turns on, it can be cause for concern. So let’s take a look at some possible answers to the question, “Why is my furnace loud?” and talk about how you can fix and prevent the problem!

Why is my furnace loud? 6 possible explanations

  1. Gas burners are dirty. If dirt builds up on your furnace’s burners, it can cause your furnace to operate with a loud rumbling sound.
  2. Filter door loose. Many furnaces have a door or panel that must be opened or removed in order to access the air filter. If that door is not tightly shut, or if it’s loose, it can rattle around when your furnace is operating.
  3. Air ducts leaking. Duct leaks are common in Metro East area homes. Often times, air inside your ducts will escape out of those leaks and create a whistling sound when your furnace is operating.
  4. Unlubricated parts. Unlubricated parts, such as bearings, can create a high-pitched squeal while your furnace is operating.
  5. Unadjusted pilot light (older units). Older furnaces use a pilot light as their burner ignition system. If that pilot light is not adjusted properly, your might hear a clattering sound coming from your furnace.
  6. Worn blower motor belt (older units). Another feature of older furnaces is blower motor belts. These belts can wear down over time, or slip off the motor, which is another problem that can force your furnace to operate with a high-pitched squeal.

What should you do if your furnace is operating loudly?

With the exception of closing and securing your filter door, the problems listed above are best handled by a professional HVAC contractor like Tiger. We can inspect your entire heating system and determine the exact cause of the noises its making. After determining the problem, we’ll talk with you about what we can do to fix the problem.

One of the best ways to keep your furnace running quietly and avoid an extra call to Tiger is to schedule an annual tune-up before every heating season. A tune-up will bring your furnace up to its peak performance and efficiency levels while also solving any of the problems above before they become bigger issues.

If you have any questions about why your furnace is so loud, or if you’d like a heating system serviced or installed in your home, contact Tiger, your Glen Carbon plumbing, heating and air conditioning contractor.

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