Smart Home Monitoring & Automation Services

Our Monitoring Systems Improve Home Safety

Tiger Home Monitoring Installation services will provide you and your family with peace of mind.

Low Cost Monthly Payments

Tiger Makes Smart Home Automation Easy and Affordable. Ask about financing options

Custom tailored Solutions

We offer customizable service solutions and features to align your home monitoring & automation with your expectation

Let Tiger Build Your Home Monitoring & Automation Solution for Your Family Today!

Services Include:

Smart Home Camera

Smart Home Security Camera

Monitoring & Automation Hubs

Smart Hub

Smart Home Thermostat Installation

Smart Home Thermostat

Total Connect 2.0 - Tiger Home Services


The only app you’ll ever need for controlling your smart home and monitoring devices from anywhere

How Pro Monitoring Works

With our Pro Monitoring Plans you can rest assured that you and your family can always count on 24/7 automated monitoring.

Alarm Triggered

Event triggers an alarm, such as smoke alarm sounding, or sensor is tripped.

Notification Sent

You’ll automatically receive an immediate update once the event occurs.

Authorities Notified

Emergency Responders are notified and help is sent if needed.