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Your area of Phoenix was hit hard by a storm on Tuesday evening, October 23, leaving behind damage due to hail in certain areas. Being located in the heart of the storm, your home and property may have been adversely affected by damage that it may have caused.

But, what you may not have considered is that your air conditioner is extremely susceptible to hail damage, especially if you’re A/C is located on the roof of your home. More often than not, a hail damaged air conditioner will continue to operate, but at a reduced capacity and increased utility expense. The reason: the outdoor coil on you’re A/C unit is made up of fine aluminum fins designed to efficiently transfer heat. If the outdoor fins are damaged, they become restricted and your unit cannot breathe properly compromising the A/C systems performance. Even slight coil damage from hail will have a negative impact on your A/C and may lead to premature failure just when you need it most.

Hobaica Services is located in your area and our own air conditioner was severely damaged by the hail. Our hope is that you and your family have weathered the storm unaffected.

However, if you have concerns, just give us a call or stop in to schedule your Complimentary Hail Damage Evaluation from the most likable people you’ll ever meet…Hobaica Services. If your air conditioner is not damaged, we will simply let you know. But, if it has been damaged, we will provide you with the necessary details that your insurance company will require to repair or replace your air conditioning unit.

For your Complimentary Air Conditioner Hail Damage Evaluation call or stop by:


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The call is free… The evaluation is free.. however, the report may be extremely valuable!

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