Characteristics of a Great Plumber

A good plumber is like gold. A great plumber is…well, priceless. You can have issues that come up rarely and are dealt with quickly or you can be stuck with problem after problem that never gets solved in a timely manner.

Here are the characteristics of a truly professional plumber.

They communicate

Good plumbers communicate with you. Whether they are running late to your home, or there is a delay in acquiring a part, you are notified in a reasonable time frame. Even though some plumbers are better at communication than others, you should feel comfortable that there is nothing that is being ignored.

They listen

Plumbers are professionals so they know the ins and outs of plumbing systems. But you are the one who deals with your home’s plumbing on a daily basis. A good plumber listens to your concerns and experiences before jumping to conclusions. They pick up on your preferences or financial concerns when guiding you to the best solution.


Professional and friendly plumbers at Tiger Services

They explain the problem clearly

In addition to communicating with you in a timely manner, a good plumber’s explanations of your problems are clear and understandable. You should leave the conversation with an understanding of what is happening and be comfortable that the proposed solutions are best for you.

They provide cost-effective solutions

Plumbing can get expensive so you want a plumber who can offer a range of options to suit your budget as much as possible without sacrificing quality. At Tiger Plumbing, you can always be assured our professional plumbers will offer you several options for your projects that fit your budget and let you make the decision on how to proceed.

They help prevent issues before they happen

A plumber that pays close attention to your situation will find issues before they happen. Even if they only deal with the current problem, they should bring possible problems to your attention early and provide solutions you can implement right away if possible.


If you need a plumber that you can rely on, trust the professionals at Tiger Services. Our licensed plumbers and experienced technicians will make sure your plumbing problems are taken care of and prevent issues with your system before they happen. Give us a call or schedule service online today.

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