High Pressure Drain Clearing

Keeping drains clear can sometimes be the hardest thing to accomplish. If plunging or snaking is not getting the job done, it might be time to consider high pressure drain cleaning.

How it works

High pressure drain cleaning is also known as hydro jet cleaning because it uses water at a high pressure to clean the inside of your drain pipes. The velocity of the water through the nozzles loosens grease, dirt and other deposits. No chemicals are added making it safe and non corrosive.

What is it good for?

Grease buildup – Over time, your kitchen drain becomes a collection point for hardened grease going down the sink. Even if you actively avoid throwing oil and grease down the drain, some inevitably will end up there. This buildup affects the pipes under your sink as well as the pipework further along, causing problems with drainage. High pressure drain clearing will help loosen these deposits and flush them away, clearing your pipes for better flow.

Removal of solids – Depending on the hardness of your water, you may have mineral deposits in your pipework that have built up and can cause restrictions. The high pressure jets will break these up for easy removal, without damaging your pipes in the process.

Clearing tree roots – Hydro jetting is one method of clearing pesky tree roots that may be blocking your drain system. The pressure of the water is usually high enough to break up and loosen tree roots in your pipe and this method may be used in combination with other tools to clear your pipes. Keep in mind, however, this is a short term solution and tree roots can grow back and obstruct your pipes again.

high pressure drain clearing


Should you wait until your house floods before calling in a company to clear your pipes? As with everything plumbing, prevention is better than a backup. How often you have this done is dependent on a number of factors. These are the same risk factors that affect your risk of a backup: how much grease ends up down the sink, whether there may be tree roots near buried piping, and water hardness with its associated risk of calcium buildup.

Is it right for everyone?

If your buried sewer pipes are made of clay they can be damaged by the force of the water jets. If your pipe is already damaged then applying this force can do further damage. Before you make the decision to have high pressure drain cleaning performed in your home, it is best to have a preliminary video inspection done. This ensures that you are not in for any surprises and your plumbing system will reap the benefits.

For high pressure drain cleaning options, give us a call or schedule service online and our plumbers will help you solve your pesky drainage issues.

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