Optimize Furnace Performance This Fall

When the temperature starts dropping, your first concern might be making sure your furnace is ready to provide the heat you will need this winter. Now, before the weather gets too cold, is the perfect time to evaluate your furnace. Optimizing its performance will not only reduce energy waste this winter but also help keep your furnace running longer and save you money.

Here are five things to keep in mind when evaluating your furnace this fall.

Replace the filter

In addition to affecting air quality, a dirty filter forces your blower fan to work harder to push air through. This reduces the performance of your furnace resulting in higher energy consumption. Keep on top of filter replacement to save money and protect your family’s health.

Tune-up your furnace on time

Postponing a furnace inspection and tune-up is akin to avoiding the doctor for years, preventing you from discovering health issues until too late. Regular maintenance helps keep your furnace running smoothly when you need it most. The best time to schedule a tune-up is in the fall before you begin using your furnace on a daily basis.

Optimize your furnace with a fall tune-up

Keep a clean furnace room

Your furnace needs a certain amount of clearance around it for proper performance. This goes for the furnace itself as well as the exhaust vent. Blocking the vent or preventing enough oxygen from getting into your furnace causes increased production of carbon monoxide, a deadly consequence that goes beyond simple optimization.

If you are not sure about the clearances needed, call in a professional right away.

Take advantage of smart controls

Your furnace runs on its own because of the controls. In the olden days, you would have to manually throttle heating equipment. Without well-functioning controls, you can end up overheating your house or freezing unnecessarily. Proper control will ensure that you get the right temperatures in your home using just the right amount of energy to do so. You can settle for the basics but upgrading to smart controls will optimize your furnace performance even more.

Upgraded furnace

There is only so much you can do with older equipment. If your furnace is near the end of its life, consider upgrading to a more efficient system. Not only will it make optimizing performance much easier, but you will also reap the benefits of lower energy consumption and increased comfort.

If you need help optimizing your furnace for the best performance, give us a call or schedule service online. Our technical experts are currently offering a $33 Fall Furnace Tune-Up and Safety Inspection!

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