Reduce Allergens with Duct Cleaning

For people with allergies, the outdoors can be a minefield of different allergens that trigger sneezing, sniffles, or congestion. Unfortunately, these same allergens are often present indoors. By keeping up on HVAC maintenance, especially duct cleaning, you can minimize your chance of spending spring and early summer in misery due to allergens.

Do you know what is lurking inside your ductwork?

One often overlooked maintenance item is duct cleaning. Air systems recirculate most of the air in the house and even if you keep on top of your filter replacement, unwanted particles can remain in your ductwork and make you ill.

Some of these common allergens that build up inside ductwork include:

  • Dust Mites – These are microscopic arachnids that consume dead skin cells and thrive in dark, moist locations (like the ductwork of your home).
  • Pet Dander – Pets shed dead skin cells just like we do. These cells remain in the air and tend to accumulate inside ductwork.
  • Pollen – If you think you are safe from pollen indoors, think again! Pollen is virtually everywhere, especially during the spring and early summer, and can easily enter your home and build up inside ductwork.
  • Viruses & Bacteria – While these are not considered allergens, nothing is worse than having allergy symptoms and another illness at the same time. Viruses and bacteria can accumulate and circulate throughout your home as a result of dirty ductwork.

duct cleaning before and after

When should you schedule a duct cleaning?

You can do ongoing maintenance of grilles and portions of your ductwork using a vacuum cleaner but at some point, you need more. An HVAC professional has the equipment and expertise to remove long-accumulated dust and allergens from your home’s ductwork. Cleaning your ductwork between heating and cooling seasons is recommended. Depending on your sensitivity, however, you may need to have your home’s ductwork cleaned more often.


If you cannot remember the last time your home’s ductwork was cleaned, it’s time to call in a professional. Give us a call or schedule service online and our expert HVAC technicians will help you improve your indoor air quality.


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