5 Harsh HVAC Lessons You Want to Avoid

Some lessons in life are best learned the hard way. Others, however, turn out to be too costly and painful, like lessons in HVAC maintenance.

Here are five such things you should keep in mind or address now to avoid dealing with future headaches.

Ductwork needs to be cleaned

If someone in your family has respiratory issues, the buildup of dust, pet dander, and other irritants may be part of the problem. Even if you have never had to deal with allergy-like symptoms due to dirty ductwork, neglecting this simple HVAC maintenance task will eventually cause problems.

Your HVAC system needs seasonal maintenance

Like cars, furnaces and air conditioners cannot run all day and night without needing occasional maintenance. Seasonal HVAC tune-ups can prevent several issues. Spare yourself the stress of high repair costs or a complete breakdown, and add an HVAC tune-up to your seasonal checklist.

Humidity control is important

Avoiding mold is only one reason to be concerned about humidity during the warmer spring and summer months. It is important to keep your home’s humidity levels in check. Not only will maintaining low humidity levels prevent mold growth, but it will also help minimize the chance of structural damage and bacterial growth. During your seasonal maintenance appointment, your technician can check humidity levels and provide you with options for dehumidifier installation if needed.

Clearances are important

HVAC equipment needs enough clearance to operate properly. Furnaces need adequate oxygen for burners, air conditioners need airflow to cool the condensing unit and exhaust venting needs to be clear to allow dangerous flue gases to escape. Air intakes and exhaust terminals need to remain clear of loose items and debris. Do not wait for maintenance appointments to remove debris or waste from these areas. It is important to keep an eye on these points throughout the year to ensure the safety of your family & to prevent damage to your system.

If you need help addressing any of the concerns mentioned above or if you would like to cross one of these maintenance tasks off of your HVAC to-do list, give us a call or schedule service online.

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