Preparing your Furnace for Winter

Winter will be here before you know it, so one of your top priorities should be making sure your furnace is ready for the cold. Take care of any problems now so you will be spared from the freezing consequences later.

Here are some things to address this fall to help prevent an unexpected shutdown when you need your furnace most.

Replace filters

With the days getting shorter and the temperature decreasing, you are probably starting to spend more time indoors. Dirty filters can contaminate the air you breathe, decrease the efficiency of your furnace, and overwork your blower. Replacing dirty filters prevents these problems and will keep you breathing easy this winter. 

Ensure the space around your furnace and ductwork is clear

Make sure to leave the areas around your unit clear for servicing or in case of repair. Concentrate on the area around the duct opening from outside. This outdoor air is critical for your furnace to burn gas completely to prevent carbon monoxide from entering your home when it is running more often in the winter.

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Clean the area around the flue exhaust

As with the combustion air intake, make sure the area around the flue exhaust is clear of debris to keep your furnace working safely and to reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Remove branches, leaves, or other debris from the flue outlet. If the vent is on the roof, make sure there are no birds’ nests blocking your furnace exhaust.

Clean ductwork and check for leaks

Have a professional clean your ductwork before the season starts to keep the air in your home safe and breathable this winter. Turn on your furnace and listen closely for air escaping from the ductwork. Also, note any grilles with weak air output as this can indicate a leak in that branch of your duct system.

Have a professional check internal parts

Before the cold weather hits, have a professional take a look at the blower belt and motor. Make sure the belt is tight and clean any dust from the motor and blower. This ensures your furnace’s efficiency is maximized and reduces the likelihood of failure when the fan is running at top speed during winter. They should also inspect your burner and gas connection for signs of corrosion, dirt, or loose connections. This is critical for the safety of you and your family. 

At Tiger, we are currently offering fall furnace tune-ups to ensure your system is ready for the winter. For only $33, our professional technicians will perform a full inspection on your furnace and make sure it is ready for the cold months ahead. Give us a call or schedule your tune-up online today!



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