Everything You Never Wanted to Know About Toilet Paper

toilet-paperIt’s August 26th and that means it’s National Toilet Paper Day! You may be thinking, does toilet paper really need its own day? And the answer to that is of course, yes! Think about it, who doesn’t use toilet paper? This magical, thin tissue is often overlooked, but can you imagine what life would be like without it? It’s a gross thought, isn’t it?

Today, let’s take some time to appreciate all of the contributions toilet paper makes on our lives. Let’s start by learning some interesting facts and tidbits about toilet paper, that might help you win a trivia contest one day.

  • What did people use before toilet paper was invented?
    • Water
    • Corncobs- How do you think this one works?
    • Hay
    • Leaves- Still a popular choice among campers and people lost in the woods.
    • Sticks and Stones- may break my bones, but in a pinch can be used as a TP alternative?
    • Hemp
    • Broken Pieces of Pottery- just think about this one for a second…
    • Wool
    • Seashells- Don’t try this one at home.
    • Ferns
    • Sponges- they are known for being absorbent.
  • USA #1 and technically #2…
    • On average, people in the United States use about 50% more toilet paper each year, then other Western countries. So take that Europe.
    • It’s estimated that each American uses 50 pounds of toilet paper in just one year. While other Western countries use about 33 pounds per person.
    • The larger volume of toilet paper used by Americans likely does to our preference of using multi-ply tissue.
  • Roll em up
    • When toilet paper first hit the market in 1857, it wasn’t on a roll, instead, it was sold in flat squares.
    • It wasn’t until 1883 that the traditional toilet paper on a roll became available.
    • Coincidentally, 1883 was around the first time a couple fought over who forgot to replace the empty roll.
  • Which country exports to most toilet paper in the world?
    • Well, we do of course!
  • Who is our biggest toilet paper customer?
    • Canada!
    • Canada imports more toilet paper from us than any other countrtoilet-paper-671937_640y on the planet.
  • Can you buy toilet paper to match the colors in your bathroom?
    • Well, not since 2004.
    • Apparently, US customers prefer white TP with decorative designs, to more colorful options.
    • But if you’re ever in Europe, you can stock up on more festive TP.
  • Three years of your life, down the drain.
    • On average, a person can expect to spend three years of their life on the toilet.
  • From the bathroom to the bank.
    • The toilet paper industry makes around $200 billion a year.

Today, when you head into the bathroom, take a moment a be thankful there’s a roll of toilet paper waiting for you and not a pile of sea shells…

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