A Pre-Season Furnace Tune-Up Optimizes Your System and Saves You Money!

Fall is the best time for a furnace tune-up. Systems will operate more efficiently and minor problems can be detected before they become expensive repairs.

The burning smell that invades homes every year when consumers first turn on their furnace is an accumulation of dirt and dust on the furnace heat-exchanger.

A simple checkup will verify that your furnace is operating safely, and will remove the dust and dirt that has accumulated allowing your family to breathe cleaner air. A clean system also operates more efficiently and saves you money on your utility bills. In addition to a preseason checkup, changing your filters every month will keep your system operating at maximum efficiency.

Inspecting furnace

According to the National Fire Protection Association, 14% of all home fires are caused by faulty heating equipment (second highest after cooking). A checkup of the heating system can safeguard against unnecessary threats, and bring peace of mind.

Electric heating systems should also be serviced to prevent equipment failure and reduce the threat of fire.

Consumers with all-electric homes not utilizing a heat pump who find that their electricity bill runs higher in the winter might consider a Tiger Signature Series heat pump system for their home. A heat pump removes the heat from the outside air and releases it into the home instead of relying on old-fashioned resistance heat strips to heat the air inside the home. A heat pump can be up to three times more efficient with potential energy savings of 66%!

“My home in St. Clair County is all-electric and this leads to high heating costs in the winter,” said James Nichols. “I currently have a 14 SEER split A/C system, but I’m really looking forward to installing the Tiger Signature Series 16 SEER heat pump system this fall. Even though the SEER rating is only 2 points higher, I know I will save a lot of money because the system operates differently than a traditional air conditioner. When my Tiger technician explained how it works, the decision was a simple one.”

changing furnace filterThere are many steps involved in a full-system furnace tune-up from Tiger Services. Some of the most important of them include:

Inspecting furnace for performance problems. During a tune-up, your technician will run your furnace through the entire heating cycle and check for any performance problems. This helps identify whether or not your system requires any repairs.

Test airflow. Proper airflow is crucial to heating your home properly. That’s why we check your blower, ductwork and other components to ensure your system’s airflow is up to par.

Cleaning system components. Dirt buildup is one of the leading causes of furnace breakdowns. During your tune-up, we’ll clean all of the essential parts of your furnace in order to avoid future problems.

Tighten connections and lubricate moving parts. Your furnace worked hard last heating season, during which some electrical connections might have loosened up. That’s why we tighten up those connections during your tune-up in addition to lubricating moving parts so that your system runs smoothly.

Check for carbon monoxide leaks. Carbon monoxide (CO) is produced as a byproduct of the heating process. When your system is running correctly, that carbon monoxide is exhausted out of your home. However, heat exchanger cracks and problems with your chimney or flue can allow CO gas to build up in your home. This can be extremely dangerous, which is why checking for carbon monoxide leaks is one of the most important parts of a furnace tune-up.

Technician inspecting furnaceNow is the best time to get heating systems professionally checked by visiting www.TrustTiger.com or scheduling an appointment today for a furnace tune-up by calling 1-866-TIGER70.


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