Why Is My Water Bill So High?

Did your latest water bill seem higher than normal? There are a lot of reasons your water bill may have spiked recently, but it may not just be because you’re running the sprinkler during the dog days of summer. Let’s take a look at some of the more common causes that can lead to a pricey water bill.

Most Likely Issue: A Leak

Toilet – The most common cause for a high water bill is running water from your toilet. A toilet that runs continuously can waste up to 200 gallons a day. That alone can double a family’s typical water use, so fix toilet leaks as soon as possible. If jiggling the handle works as a temporary fix, it often means that the insides of your toilet are in need of some TLC.

tap waterFaucet – Look and listen for a dripping faucet. A faucet drip can waste twenty gallons of water a day, or more! Water can corrode interior parts, but those parts can be replaced.

Outdoor and underground leaks – Leaks can also occur in harder to find places, such as under your house or in the service line between your water meter and your home. Check outdoor spigots and crawl spaces, and look for wet spots in your yard, which may indicate a leak. Address them now before winter arrives, because those outdoor problem areas will freeze and complicate the issue exponentially during the winter months.

A broken water pipe or obvious leak – Check the pipes in the basement or crawlspace; the water heater could also be leaking. A leaking pipe can cause unseen property or foundation damage. If a leak is around your water heater, it could limit the life of your appliance.

Changes in Water Use

Generally, water consumption is higher during the summer months. Some of the most common summertime culprits are:

  • Filling or topping off a swimming pool: Designated areas of entry and exit are generally designed to flow water back into the pool (as opposed to jumping over the side).
  • Watering the lawn, new grass, or trees: Get the most hydration for your vegetation by watering in the early morning or late evening, or when there’s indirect sunlight in the area.
  • Children home for summer vacations or school holiday’s: excessive or negligent water usage is generally only noticed by those paying the bills.

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If you have an unusually high water bill, call Tiger today at 1-866-TIGER70 or visit TrustTiger.com to schedule an appointment and let us evaluate your plumbing system to see if it is a leak that’s causing your excessively high water bills.


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